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A devil apple is an apple that has rained terror on lunch tables around the world. No one knows who created the first devil apple, but one things for certain, a devil apple is an apple that someone takes a bite out of and throws it down a lunch table. No one wants to touch it 1. Because that dude took a friggin bite out of an apple and 2. Because that apples one goal in life is to posses all the humans on earth. And it does this for one reason, so it can turn all humans into slaves of its devil apple orchards. However, dont be fooled by thinking your safe with broccoli. If the brocoli has been bitten out of once and left alone, their is almost a 99.99 percent chance it has a devil apple strain in it. This goes for all other fruits as well. But their is hope! By throwing a devil apple in a trash can you can kill its demonic spirit.
2 normal people sitting at a lunch table eating, as an apple with a bite out of it rolls their way. "OH CRUD DEVIL APPLE!" "FIND A TRASH CAN QUICK!!!!"
by Whos dat lady April 10, 2013
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