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To genuinely accept a future negative outcome as fact only to be proven wrong.
"I did nothing to ensure I was going to pass this test. I should have failed. Another instance of Detweiler's Paradox in action."
by @gabek December 19, 2008
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Something that only one person would know the definition to. Anybody else would simply be scrollin around and click on random stuff and read the first defintion to this word and be like: "What... The... Fuck?" and then they'd go hump (or ump) a teddy bear or something because the word Detweiler's Paradox is so erotic.

Nobody knows what it means, they only use it because it'll make them sound really really nerdy and nerds always get the girls as it was shown in revenge of the nerds when the nerds were looking at cheerleader's boobs.

Moral of the story is that ninjas are cooler than pirates.
Jason: "According to Detweiler's Paradox, the internal link between bigfoot and pirates is that both bigfoot and pirates can fly! Eureka!!! My overly enlarged penis is celebrating!"

Erin: "Hey Jason, you ever try decaffeinated coffee? You probably need to lay off the monster too."

Jason: "Don't worry I got that phrase from the inner bowels of my butthole. Otherwise known as Urbandictionary.
by Ninja J January 02, 2009
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