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A sexual act where the male doesn't shower for a week, bottles all of his bodily fluids (blood, tears, sweat, semen, puss, mucus, bile, urine, diarrhea, etc.) into a large container. Then the male takes the mixture and fries it into a pancake. It may take a while to get the right thickness or liquidness of the mixture. If it's too runny, add more feces. If it's too solid, add more urine. After the pancake is finished, the female eats it off of the naked, non-showered body of the male. You can add her bodily fluids for the syrup if needed.
Tom spent a whole week making his Detroit Pancake for his lover. Alyssa then puked on it and ate that bitch up.
by Bagel_boy December 13, 2014
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