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To do this, you will need three guys and one girl. They will need something to tie he hands behind her back, or handcuffs. Once her arms are placed behind her back, she should lay face down on the floor. Two of the men then put their dicks in her ass, using A-1 steak sauce as a lube. The other man will take a t-bone or any other kind of steak and begin rubbing her face with it. When one or both of the men claim they are nearly finished, the man with the meat will start smacking her with it in the face. Start softly, then let it turn a lot more hard on her. When both men are finshed, the meat man will then feed her the meat. It is very proper if the woman leaves a few dollars for a tip.
Mark's Girlfriend Crystal is really into going to the Detroit Steakhouse. Mark has no idea she goes though.
by Carl Jones August 11, 2006
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