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The chillest place in the entire fucking world. May be small. No not just small its so small you can see one side to another. There is a large Pot presence in Detour everyone smokes. Though some bitches if you keep it on the DL everything is fine. There is also a large diversity in people. No not really just alot of Stoners, even a 79 year old hippie stoner. Little store and theres a plus ONE black person thats like 7 so yeah check it out man.
Ex.1: Dude i was at this place called Detour,Maryland, Hella chill

other dude: where?

Original dude: Detour man theres like 50 people that live there'

Other dude from before: cool ( Wtf he must be stoned )
by Mikey170 May 12, 2011
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