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The process in which a male or female swagger starts to reject everything to do with swag and then starts to become an actual, normal human being. This takes place in stages:

Stage 1. The shunning of Marijuana such as not smoking it or talking about it.
Stage 2. Wearing your jeans at waist level (No more sagging)
Stage 3. No more Mainstream rappers such as Lil' Wayne, Kanye west, Wiz Khalifa, etc. (Not listening to them anymore)
Stage 4. The absence of the word,"Swag".
Stage 5. The use of sophisticated vocabulary. (No more cussing or ghetto speech)
Stage 6. Having respect and decent beliefs. (no more Y.O.L.O or fuck da police)
And finally stage 7, the final nail-in-the-coffin for swag. The Refusal to wear snapback hats or skinny jeans.
This probably the best thing to happen to you if your a swaggot.
Swaggot #1. "Wassup My nigga"?

Swaggot #2. "Sup Nigga"!

Swaggot #1. "Wanna go smoke some joints and get some bitches"??

Swaggot #2. "Yo fool, I've been thinking lately".

Swaggot #1. "About what bro"?

Swaggot #2. "What if everything we do, we wear, what type of music we listen to, and what we're about to do is not very smart and where dumbasses for doing this kinda shit, dawg"?

Swaggot #1. "Ha, GAY! Looks like some nigga is thinking about deswaggotization!
by Long Feng October 20, 2013
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