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A group of 7 friends participate in this dreaded event. One person is assigned a specific day of the week, and on the given day the rest of the group teams up to makes fun of the person with there being NO restrictions. Another participant is verbally abused the next day and so on and so forth until the week is over. Topics such as racial background, attractive sisters/mothers, weight, death in the family, or general pet-peeves are encouraged to destroy your friends self-esteem! This week will ruin friendships, but it is the ultimate test of self-esteem and human connection.

-There are no verbal restrictions
-verbal abuse only
-24 hours of abuse starting at 12am all days
-if a participant is not present on their designated day, then they will be rescheduled and someone else will take their place.
-If the victim decides to "back-out" during the Week then he/she will be shunned for 2 weeks from the friend group.
-If someone cries, make fun of them more.
-Non-participants cannot make one joke against any of the seven participants. If a non-participant chooses to attempt a joke against the "seven," then the rest of the week will be devoted to them
-If a person chooses to defend him/herself on his/her day, it is acceptable yet not recommended
-Apologies are optional at the end of the the day, somewhat recommended at the end of the week.
-One participant per day and only seven participants at least and at most. (that's why its a fucking week)
Bill: Dude, Destruction Week is coming up. I hope you're man enough to make fun of Johnny because of his diabetes and recently deceased brother.
by a possible asshole May 01, 2011
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