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1. The act of Toyota recalling their death machines.

2. A knee jerk reaction in response to making faulty goods.

3. A service that renders a dangerous vehicle, death machine, or other implement of destruction safe.

4. The act of a company's stocks plummeting due to poor manufacturing, shoddy parts, or not following LEAN/SixSigma ideals.
(Q) Where have yo u been all day?
(A) I had to take my PoS prius down to the destroyotathon!


Come on down to the DESTROYOTATHON!! Just be sure not to drive it here... we don't ALL want to die! Have it towed, dragged, dropped, or pushed!


It's a good thing automotive companies got bailout money... if they didn't, they may ALL be having destroyotathons right now!
by InsanitySektor February 06, 2010
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