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Another dangerously addictive song by the Romanian band 'O-zone', only this one is about a million times better than their extremely popular Dragostea Din Tei, A.K.A the Numa Numa Dance. A remix was also done of this song. The remix is also a million times better than Dragostea Din Tei.

This song is also sometimes known 'Ochii Tai'.
Guy 1: Bah, it's that stupid Romanian band again.
Guy 2: Yeah, but I don't recognize this one.
Guy 1: This must be that 'Despre Tine' song they sing.
Guy 2: Woah, it's a million times better than that Numa Numa one...
Guy 1: Yes... Dangerously... addictive... must... resist... urge... to sing... along...
Guy 2: *Singing* Mi inec in ochii tai! La la la la lei!
Guy 1: No!!!! It's corrupted you, just like Dragostea Din Tei!

Guy 3: Thankfully this would never happen, because without a stupid flash video to accompony the song, no one will listen to it.
by John Doe March 12, 2005
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