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A Desperate messenger is someone who submits a definition that has nothing to do with defining anything and only submitted something to get a message out about:
- Their cheating boyfriends/girlfriends
- a town/city/country/school they don't/do like
- giving "props" to their friends/significant others.
- telling someone that they're a faggot/skank and that they suck
- a bunch of other useless shit that doesn't fall under the category of definition.
A Desperate messenger also tends to be a Deff. Whore, a Def. Troll and/or an UD Perve who tends to submit the same "definition" over and over again, sometimes starting Def. Wars.
The person who keeps submitting those stupid "definitions" about Jade Wright is both a Desperate Messenger, a Def. Whore.

Examples of a Desperate Messenger:


Sickle Cell
you have suttn wrong with you but u still act up like you suttin special.
u know u get knocked out buy act like u wanna fight look at u u got sickle cell u aynt doin shit move along
nuke california:

nike california nuke california
nike california nuke california
nuke california nuke california

seriously though....

Desperate Messengers seem to WANT to depict themselves as being total and complete idiots who can't spell....go figure
by Peaseblossom85 July 20, 2006
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