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Spanish for chaos. Usually used in a boasting/proud manner, but also used in an exclamatory way. Used by many Latinos, Chicanos, etc. Similar words/phrases are: Rowdy, Partying, “Fucking shit up”, “Puro pinche party”, Chaos, Disruptive behavior, Destructive behavior, Mess, Disaster.
Me gusta el desmadre” /“I like ‘El Desmadre’” ~speaking to someone about your love for the party life

“¡Puro desmadre!”/“Nothing but desmadre!” ~exclamation used when already partying and getting more hyped

“Eres un desmadre”/ “You are mess!”~ Can be used in between friends in a teasing manner

“¡Que desmadre total!”/ “What a disaster!” ~can be used anytime as a regular phrase
by Sativa_420 March 04, 2018
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Total chaos, Also Used frequently in the chicano "paisa" culture to describe an event that is spectacular.
I like to party & I like el "desmadre".
by Luis November 11, 2002
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the coolest band in the known universe in its entirety.Kicks the shit out of that homopunkrock band modern age.the members of desmadre, have the largest cocks in texas.the bassist is a god ammong men,he also gets tons of pune.
Dude, desmadre really kicked ass last night,or, Man those guys from desmadre gangbanged my sister and now she cant walk.must be from the enormous cocks they posses.
by Dixie Normous January 15, 2005
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