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A Designated Slam Piece is a girl you have on the slide, before going out to a party, bar, or gathering where you have a girl or "piece" that you can "slam," have sexual relations, take part in foreplay, or hook-up with at the end of the night when all else fails. This can be a good or bad thing which can prove that no matter how much you fuck up, you still have a girl to get with. The negative side is that no matter how hard you try, it's impossible to get another girl so that DSP comes in handy on those dry weekends where you just can't pick up a girl for your life.
Designated Slam Piece or DSP:

"This girl is all over me but i'm really trying to get some ass this weekend and this girl isn't even that good looking, butter faceeee..."
"... Dude i mean does she have a nice ass?"
"Yeah, but what about it??"
"Whatever dude, just make that bitch your DSP and call it a year man"
"YEAHHH, your right! I forgot I lost my last designated slam piece after I gave that bitch HPV"
"Dude, she had that shit coming, she def should have asked before you fucked her"
"Yeah, like what the fuck.. wasn't my fault"
"Definitely a trick ass bitch"
"Chyeahhh your right, well let's hit indigo and see whats up with this Designated Slam Piece later"
by IsingM_PSU October 26, 2011
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