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Parents from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh who are extremely strict. They share most of the traits as asian parents except they are CHEAP! heres more traits of Desi Parents.

1.STUDYSTUDYSTUDY! They think you should always be studying and focused on your studies even when its summer!

2. If they see you within one meter of the opposite sex that is around your age and not related to you they will freak out.

3. They are very strict and make no sense but still try to prove that they have a good reason for not letting you do something or go somewhere.

4. They are very cheap people. They'll be cutting out coupons and looking at ways for saving money. They'll keep stuff stocked in the pantry and their number one rule is to NEVER buy things on regular price.

5. They are racist. Even if its just a little bit.

6. If you ask to do something simple like hang out with your friends they automatically think you've become to westernized and have secret boyfriends/girlfriends and stuff.
Daughter: Mama can I go to the movies with my friends Samantha?

Desi Parents: What? Do you have secret boyfriends now? Do you want to wear short skirts? First this! Soon you'll be running away from home with your American boyfriend! HOW DARE YOU! GO TO YOUR ROOM!

Daugher: ..........
by Desigirl786 May 19, 2011
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