aka Queen of the Desert.
aka Queens of the Desert.

An unatractive female soldier deployed to a remote area (think Iraq) who couldn't turn a a single head in their host country and is showered with attention and affection throughout the duration of the deployment. The longer the deployment, the more unattractive the soldier can be and still qualify as a Desert Queen.
Damn. She couldn't buy a date in the States. Now she's a Desert Queen.
by Yer Boi January 31, 2005
Female in a deployed location that on a scale of 1 to 10 is about a 4 states side and sometimes an 8 in the desert.
Soldier 1: Hey whos that hot chick over their
Soldier 2: Who becky???
Soldier 1: Is that becky she's so hot!!
Soldier 2: She turned into a desert queen wait till we get back to the states.
by rico1026 July 16, 2008
A Girl/Guy whom is deployed or stationed in the desert/sandy desolate area whereupon this Girl/Guy creates drama against those that don't show attention to this person enough. Sometimes leads to false accusations of flirtations and sexual harassment that didn't occur ,but wouldn't happen in their own Stateside/home country.
"Why did Sue accuse Bob of flirting with her at work, when it didn't happen here in the desert?" said Jim.

"It's because Sue wasn't getting any attention from Bob is why she's acting like a Desert Drama Queen!" said Sarah.
by WildBill40 February 8, 2014