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Is most likely the sweetest person you'll ever meet. Known as the popular nerdy kid who is very friendly, funny and just all around amazing . This person has a huge heart and is always thinking of someone else. This person will never show that they are hurting or upset on the outside to spare everyone else the trouble of worrying about them . They are always around people ( because honestly they don't like being alone ). Even though this person might know just about every single person in school it's pretty easy to tell who their best friends are. They will completely stick up for a friend and ,if you're that close, maybe even risk their life for you. Usually shy around people they don't know but as soon as this person is comfortable around you there's no turning back they'll be in your life forever. However don't be fooled by the nice guy act because this person is a complete freak in the sheets, they are totally selfless and can only truly get pleasure when the partner is satisfied. Don't let one of these few people that are blessed with this name slip away because once they are gone you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
" Man, have you met that kid Dervens? He is so awesome! "
by The Goofy kid July 24, 2015
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