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The act of refusing to do important things in life, like go to the bar with your friends. Usually citing lame, childish excuses like "I have to work bro" or "I'm tired bro". Typically associated with men of questionable sexual orientation, who drink strawberry daiquiris and take pleasure in the plight and starvation of sub-Saharan African children.
Cool person 1: "He told me he was going to meet us for a drink at 11, but I just called him and now he said he's at home in bed drinking yoohoos. I think I heard him crying towards the end of the phone call."

Cool person 2: "Wow, that's funny because he was at a country music concert tonight."

Cool person 1: "Yeah I know, he's just Dertraming us like always."
by Gerald Dertram June 07, 2018
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