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A woman's name given to gorgeous, funny, smart and amazing girls/women. Derrikkas are very independent and outgoing, however, they are extremely loyal and loving when they find the right man.
Any man would be lucky to meet a Derrikka in his lifetime, and even luckier if he can score a kiss etc....
All Women strive to be like a Derrikka, but very few achieve full Derrikka status.
Mom: Hey son, do you have a girlfreind yet?

Son: No, but i like this girl in school, she's so hot, smart and funny.

Mom: Oh I know the type, the Derrikka.

Son: I wish, there are no Derrikkas in my school.

Mom: Well don't get disappointed, the odds of meeting a Derrikka are about 165, 000, 958: 1.
by Alladin!!!!!! April 07, 2011
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