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Usually someone with a very small penis around 2-3 inch's. Most likely has red hair. You might think they're ugly af but be nice because there parents have dropped him a few times. Also probably will have the worst sled in yk. Usually Derricks have other siblings and there sister gives OTP's daily, possibly ready to rock the cock. So if you associate with this Derrick Letemplier be aware because they are all very gay and WILL suck yo ass when you're sleeping.
Be careful man that's a Derrick Letemplier
by homedawwwwg February 11, 2015
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Usually someone with a decently sized vagina and without a doubt enough for one of your boys to get down in dirty with that baby hole. When down low, you'll be most likely witnessing red fiery hair, almost like the depths of hell. No need to worry though because if you get passed that you'll love his lifted truck. It's just tall enough to compensate for his small penis. Also, Derrick's usually have siblings and there sister is not afraid of a little OTP action, if you know what I'm saying and definitely a serious contender that is ready to rock the cock. So, if you are aware of this leprechaun they call Derrick, be on guard because they are all extremely gay and WILL slob on your knob when you're sleeping.
Be Cautious bro, that's a Derrick Letemplier
by homedawwwwgg May 28, 2018
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