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Deployment Sexual Deprivation(DSD) or Post Deployment Sexual Deprivation (PDSD) is a mental/sexual disorder that can develop after exposure to one or more terrifying months of not having intercourse. It is a severe and ongoing mental reaction to an extreme lack of physical needs. DSD is surprisingly common in our so-called Land of Plenty, afflicting an estimated 27 million American men( and a few women)at any given time, most of which are service members. Although hard to notice in early developement, this disorder does have commom symptoms and signs; abdominal pains, morning wood, swelling in forearm(s), unexplained absences, decrease in libido, aggression, wet dreams, uncontrollable body spasm. In rare case of DSD; drained bank account, acute to severe lose of vision in one or both eyes, pyschological breakdowns, as well as death.

DSD or PDSD is a complex phenomenon where there is a shortage of sexually willing women relative to the sexual needs of men. (P)DSD has also been recognized in the past as blue balls, computer geek syndrome, ect.
I got home from Iraq and the VA wouldn't cover me for Post Deployment Sexual Deprivation (PDSD) treatment at the strip club.
by EODtech August 17, 2008
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