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When an individual goes an extended period of time without sexually gratifying oneself and then chooses to "Denver Double Dip" by masturbating twice within an hours time. In such situations, the first climax is generally reached quite quickly and with little stimulation needed. However, the second attempt is far more difficult and often requires the use of exotic imagery, including but not limited to; pornographic videos involving midgets and/or transsexuals.
"Let me tell you what, I was so horny that I decided to go for a "Denver Double Dip". The first time was so easy all I had to do was think about it and I went. However, round two of the double dip was much more challenging. I beat it until I was sore, the only thing that helped me reach climax were crazy videos of tranny's getting raw dogged by midgets."
by DDD - August 21, 2013
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