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Denae Lisa is a one of a kind beauty. She is a mother, a best friend, a dedicated worker, and an angel sent straight from Heaven to bless whomever crosses her path. She is resilient, funny, courageous and has always been the prettiest in the pack. She is the daughter of Jacqueline, the mother of Brittany, Krystah and Sean and the Best friend To Nicole and Karla. She is strong enough to deli-gate and kind enough to empathize. Her sense of fashion is extraordinary and she loves things neat and modern but appreciates precious things with sentiment. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Denae...count yourself very blessed and cherish each moment with her.
β€œOh my goodness it’s Denae Lisa...I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you and they are all true.”
Denae smells so good, she is so pretty.
β€œNobody can make me laugh like Denae...she brightens up my day”
by BrittanyKCarlisle July 21, 2021
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