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What Is DF?
Demand Dysfunction (DF) is a bacterium that causes dysfunctions in the membranes of the body. It is tough to treat, as it is most likely to spread, like most ROBLOXian infections -- or -- because it's resistant to some commonly used antibiotics.

The symptoms of DF depend on how long you have traded demand for. DF effects the membranes of the body, like the brain and spinal cord, making it hard to walk, having an obession with demand, and major mood swings.

Even though DF is not that serious and could be cured easily, it could spread if delayed treatement, making symptoms worsen as time goes on. These symptoms could become potentially life-threatening.

What Causes DF?
DF is caused by a bacterium known as demandiliaso, which is a quick spread throughout the body if untreated. Usually, this is caused by constant demand obession, like Void Star or CF, which opens your immune system up to the bacterium.
Benny: WTF
Item: Bro does RD have Demand Dysfunction?
by 󠀀 March 05, 2019
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