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A crew in da 954 (aka Broward County for those who don't know by now) known for super ballin' with all houses full a Plasma tvs, Kandy painted Banshees, Dunks on 24s, Benzes luxuryfied out, Bimmers wit da systems quakin, Escalades rimmed up, Duallies train-horned up pullin trailers full a bikes round, etc...da list goes on. When u come to da 954 ask for Dem Dudes and come see how we do. Holdat Prod. sponsored by Lauderdales Fines

Video Footage available
"Dem Dudes is doin it man...they came tru ridin in da streets on dem Kandy painted Banshees tearin up da roads runnin from da cops and all dat."

"Yeah man Dem Dudes is doin it big."
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