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Deluxshana is a girl who‘s very kinky and enjoys conversations about dicks and other sexual topics.

She likes to clarify that she is pure and innocent but as soon as Deluxshana sees an eggplant or a cucumber it gets impossible to hold her back.

Someone called Deluxshana doesn‘t hold back on sexual puns and will even mention certain dick shaped fruits in her username on social media platforms.
Dude: “Look at all those vegetables!”
Girl: “LOL that eggplant looks like a dick.”
Dude: “Wow, you’re such a Deluxshana.”
by nickelhood December 12, 2017
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Deluxshana (or Shana for short) (Deh-luks-shah-nah) is a very large poo. Also, the name of someone - proper noun.
1) "Shana! Stop taking a Shana by that tree! You are NOT a dog! And Jesus Christ, that stinks!"
2) "Deluxshana is my best friend!"
3) "When you're constipated, you tend to make Shanas more than any other size or form of 'deffocation'."
by Deluxshana! January 28, 2014
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