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Prophetic, ambiguous, enigmatic and un-explainable.
e.g. Courtney Stodden is a modern day delphinian.

Has something to do with old greek homoerotic hymns.
The Seven Sages of Greece.
Snakes raping men.
Some dude shot another dude in the arse with an arrow.
Dude died.
Dude's mum got pissed.
Built heaps of stuff. Then tore it down.
Pretty sure there's a Trojan horse.
For some reason I'm thinking of Helena Bonham Carter. I love that bitch.
It's celebrated in a greasy festival call theophania, where they gave food to the imaginary greek temples in the sky made from unicorn foreskins.
Old mythology shit. Apollo, Gaia, Oracles and a whole of bollocking shite from the 8th century.

Bitch , I deserve a bigmac now.
by Vaginia Randall November 05, 2013
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