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Deleina is The type of Woman who could ruin a man, if he's lucky. She is quiet, and does the talking with the sexiest eyes the human race has ever seen. She Can Pull all the Bitches. She can Be loyal to one Nigga. She Treats you good When you are an ass. She Forgives a thousand times a thousand till you've had your last chance. She is everything you could ask for in a Woman. You never find another one like her. She loves hard. And you'll love her harder. You'll never be able to forget her that's for certain. You can't find a better Woman. In her Honesty, you can always trust her. If a Man should lay down his head in sadness and confusion you'll find no judgement, and comfort in the warmth of her bosom. Dont ever fuck up and lose this one. She's one in a million, she's a shooting star maybe someday I'll see her before I make her cry, you know I tried to reach her but I was too high.....
Deleina notfuknwitu she will make you lose your mind, and Rob you of your sanity.
by Cold Case September 06, 2017
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