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The Delaware Dragon is a vile sex act which involves a man taking his lover out for a romantic dinner and feeding her to her stomachs content. Afterward when they have returned to his place of residence and she is performing fellatio upon him he waits until his climax approaches. At the moment before climax he seizes the back of her head and crams it onto his cock, effectively forcing her balls deep. He then ejaculates in her throat, and while pulling out jerks his penis against her gag reflex causing her to vomit up all the freshly ejaculated semen and the previously eaten meal (the plume of vomit resembling the fire of a dragon's mouth).
"Oh hey Bill, what did you and Carol do after dinner Friday night?"

"Nothing much really went home... and gave her a DELAWARE DRAGON!"

"No way man! That is fucking disgusting! But props to you man I didn't think it was possible to pull off."
by PostSupperDragonFire April 09, 2009
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