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Mean,Bully,Caring,Thinks Of A lot Of Stuff,Plays Sports,Loves Animals,But Got A Mean A* Evil Side.
"Delanni Is So Nice"
by JalenThaGoat24__ May 17, 2017
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A person who is always there when you need them. A strong survivor who can make it through anything. She is always making you laugh or joking around with you. You always have a good time when you are with her, even if she is making fun of you. She goes through tough times in life, but she never lets you see her down. She is always strong for everyone, and doesn't like to bring people down. She is an amazing runner, and anyone would be lucky to be like her. She is a beautiful and courageous role model. A person you look up to forever and you hope that you maintain a close friendship with forever. You don't know what you would do if you lost them. They bring you closer to all the things you need to be doing in life. She gets you to be stronger in your faith.
Man I'm lonely
Call Delann'i she's never busy
by ButterflyAngels November 19, 2018
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