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Literally a fucking meme. People named Deklin are a pain in the ass and always seem to know the perfect way to get under your skin. They act really nice but use this to make you feel really guilty when they pretend to be sad. Despite this, their jokes are lit, you'll have millions of inside jokes with them, and they're often described as a legit meme. Finding people with this name is a rare occurrence, so make sure you hang on to them with your life; you never know when they might quit on you.
Person 1: Omg you should've seen how this randy was acting, he was a fucking meme!
Person 2: Sounds like a Deklin
by sadderdaze November 28, 2017
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A Deklin is a type of person who knows how to fuck up your day, in under 2 seconds. He means well, but gets interpreted wrongly.
Person 1: Uhh my head hurts Jerry Kept on being crazy!
Person 2: that Jerry must know Deklin?
Person 1: Nope he doesn’t I already asked him that.
Person 2: well anyways he sound like a real fucking Deklin
by Deklin04 December 15, 2017
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