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The phenomena of when you are walking around your home town while on break from SU or just after graduating, and you see someone who suddenly reminds you of a person from Syracuse. You then wrack your mind for several minutes wondering if that was the actual person from school, or just an impostor. This usually leads to some sort of embarrassing staring or calling out their "name" and then hiding behind a corner to see if they turn around. 98% of the time you're completely delusional and wrong.

"Oh my god, I was at the gym while on winter break and I swear I saw a girl from my Media class. I stared at her the whole time trying to figure out if I was right or not. Once she got off the treadmill she walked over and yelled very loudly to me to stop staring at her because I was "seriously creeping her the fuck out." It wasn't the Media girl. It was just a bad case of Deja 'Cuse."

"Holy shit! I had such a raging Deja 'Cuse earlier. I SWEAR I saw that creepy guy who lived in Booth with me Junior year. He had swords and thought he was an anime character. He'd also walk everywhere in jean shorts even in the winter. So I casually walked by him and muttered "yu-gi-oh" under my breath. Turns out it wasn't him. Just another loser in jean shorts who loves anime."
by cmsaieva April 03, 2009
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