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A name given to the most wonderful people! The type of person to leave a lasting impression in your life! An overachiever and a big dreamer! They work efficiently and fast to get work done as soon as possible because they hate procrastinating. They love to keep themselves occupied with something to do and are great at multitasking. Deighs know what they want in life and makes sure that they never lose sight of who they truly are. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy! They add flavor to the lives of others and spice up every moment of it! They can be described as a big ball of fun and love. They are the cutest people you will ever meet! Deighs tend to be linguists and have many talents. They love food and appreciate the the little things in life. Their lives tend to be extraordinary and usually touch the lives of others. They are great communicators and are very honest. Fast learners. They will learn EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! They have a strong personality that may intimidate others but when you get to know them, they are actually nice people.
My friend Deigh learned how to play the saxophone a week ago and she is hella good at it already!

Deigh scored the highest in the exam again! Does she even study?

Deigh is the best girlfriend in the world! She got me a huge platter of sushi!
by The Soldier December 23, 2014
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