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The act of failing at defining something.

1. Not knowing the definition of a word.

2. Nodding along to someone saying somethings, then having them ask you what it means.

3. Saying something that makes you try to sounds smart, but is wrong.

4. Defining something on urban dictionary that is not a word of common usage; and will likely never catch on (or using your name as a definition).
1. "Apple: The singular-form of apply."
2. "So I was with this girl and we were hitting a shit-load of weed out of her bong." "Yeah, chill dude, I have one too." "What is your bong?" "Uhhh... Penis?" "Wow... you defailed."
3. "The answer is 2 not 3." "Well there's no right or wrong answer." "Yes there is; 2's right, 3's not."
4. "John Smith - Guy with biggest dick in world."
by Cameron S. Kay May 01, 2009
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