A slang term which originates from the south-east area of the UK (often spelt as 'deetzing' instead of 'deetsing') which is the act of acquiring funds from account details that do not belong to the user without the account holders knowledge/consent. For example if I had someone's bank details (Account number, Sort Code, Expiration Date, CCV, Address, DOB, Phone Number, Passwords etc.) & I used these said bank details to order an iPhone without their consent that would be 'deetsing' (or 'deetzing'). The term is present tense, past tense would be 'deetsed' (or 'deetzed') the singular term is 'deets' (or 'deetz'). A 'deet' is a compilation of all of someone's account details. These are acquired via several stealth techniques such as: card skimming, "419" emails (phishing), social engineering, etc. Thamesmead in London has been called the fraud capital of the UK where every 1 in 3 £1's spent online is fraudulent. Check out Woolwich as well... The whole of SE18 basically...
Roadman 1 - "Yo bro I heard your on deetsing???"
Roadman 2 - "Yeah man shout me anything you want half price G."
by Roadman_LDN October 3, 2017