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A movement based in Ashtabula, Ohio whos members only smoke purple kush. their logo is the mcdonalds character grimace. if deep purp is coming for you, you'll know, because you will hear them call out "grip 'n' sip". thats when you know their goons are coming and theres nothing you can do. they are fierce rivals with a local bula gang called mau crau. they are known for murdering mau crau in drive-bys and carving "dp" into the bodies.
"well damn, them deep purp niggaz up in bula go hard."
-Gucci Mane

"damn son! i just seen 4 deep purp goons pull choppaz out on some mau crau pussies. layed em out right there in the street. i guess they dont fuck around here in bula."
by Apurp February 18, 2010
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