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Midland Fighting Slang for a bite during a girl wrestling match whereby one rude gyal grabs the other in a boob lock, wrestles her onto the sofa/armchair etc and bites her on the thigh. The move is then executed by a brisk brushing down, composure of oneself and denying of the event.

The bite leaves a clean wound due to users excessive personal hygiene and dettol use.
Rude Gyal 1: And like it was all going down and I totally got a Deemica
Rude Gyal 2: Where I can't see a ting you're totally lying!
Rude Gyal1: No seriously mate it was on my thigh!!
Rude Gyal 2: Ptshh whatevs man
by BristolNumber7 April 07, 2011
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