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Used to describe a man who believes he is truly the most amazing creature on the planet. Regardless of his advanced age, hair (or lack of if), weight, skin type, high-pitched, whiny voice and Mr. Roper clothing, he feels he’s entitled to the perfect companion. In all his douche glory, he is not afraid to profess this sense of entitlement at bars, during dinner parties, at the office or on his personal Web site. Can also be used to describe a woman who shares the same delusions of grandeur.
Example 1:
“She’s hot. Let’s go—you’re gonna be my wingmen.”
“Dude, stop with the deduchional b.s. She wouldn’t talk to you if Justin Timberlake and Zac Efron were your wingmen.”

Example 2:
Sarah Palin said she is quitting her job to do a better job for Alaska. That is so deduchional.
by Trish77 and 2e July 06, 2009
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