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Dedsec is a fictional grey-hat hacktivist group, located in San Francisco. Dedsec consists of six members: Marcus Holloway, Wrench, Josh AKA Hawt Sauce, Horatio, Sitara, and Raymond Kenny. Dedsec uses hacking, manipulation, and online videos to expose corruption in the government and liberate the public from the loss of their freedom. Using a fictional operating system named "ctOS AKA 'Central Operating System'," Dedsec hackers are able to control and manipulate many elements of the city they live in. This includes, but is not limed to: smartphones, computers, laptops, cars, traffic lights, fuse boxes, steam pipes, road blocks, small and large forklifts, cranes, security systems, electronic doors, servers, cameras, and more.
Dedsec has given you the truth. Do what you will.
by ToTooTwo2 April 17, 2017
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A group of Badass Hackers out of SF.
yo did you see that new info dedsec leaked?
yeah, thruss cant be elected now.
by _Retr0_ November 29, 2016
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