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When one man, who is successful, shits in another man (who is useless)'s mouth. The unsuccessful man then fully swallows the shit. This shit is then puked back up into the first man's mouth, and the process is continued. It has been said that when Danny was feeling very frisky, he swallowed poop that was regurgitated 27 times.
Gay guy at the bar- "Hey danny, why don't you get a job?"
Decadent Danny- "Because, Gay guy at the bar, I am too busy chewing this large log that is entering my mouth. I will then swallow it, and puke it back up, so I can taste it again with my own puke; mixed with the puke of success. That way, I can at least taste the slightest bit of success, even if it contains my own excraments.
by MattacularMatt October 28, 2011
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