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You are full of happiness! Funny, sarcastic, live at the moment kind of person. You find joy in things that you love to do. You are creative and artistic. When it comes to love, you love to the fullest. You are childish,cute, adorable. You are determined to your goals and achieve them. You are beautiful from inside and gorgeous from outside. You are nice to everyone and can kill the ones who trys to hurt you. You are a dreamer and love to travel. You are obsessed with food!

Everyone enjoys your company and party's without you are no fun! People around you or close to you admires you and loves you. You can light up anyone's day. You hate sharing your favorites be it food or person. You are amazing!
Guy1 : Dude that girl is so freaking cute!

Guy2 : Ikr, thats Deboshree for you.
by Mr.Hooda August 09, 2018
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