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Noun. A primeval and ceremonial mating dance used by males to swoon and mark ownership of females. Requires great dexterity and poise. Involves the male turning its back on the female, bending with one fist clenched hand to touch toes and the hopping backwards towards the captivated female. Can be performed either solo or by a group of males. Instils a feeling of pride and admiration in any female lucky enough to be at the centre of a deboogle. A naked deboogle variation of the dance is possible.

Verb. To dance or move as per a deboogle.
Person A: I saw him deboogle a gorgeous blonde. I bet they will be married within a year

Person B: I was at a wedding the other day and witnessed a group deboogle of the bride. She was so proud.

Person C: I'm going to deboogle her
by CurlyWurly58 March 18, 2014
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