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A pop singer/songwriter from the 1980's known for hits like "Only In My Dreams", "Shake Your Love", "Lost In Your Eyes", and "Foolish Beat", which made her the youngest artist to write, produce, and record a #1 hit in 1988 at age 17. During her reign as pop princess, she had 9 top 10 hits and made black hats and vests a popular fashion trend.

Born Deborah Ann Gibson in 1970, she wrote songs since she was a small child and was taught to play piano by Mortin Estrin, who also taught Billy Joel. She was part of a chior that performed at the Metropolitan Opera House at age 8 with the likes of Placido Domingo.
Deb also appeared on tv commercials, some community theatre and started recording music at age 12, which she was signed to Atlantic Records in 1986 at age 16.

After her "Electric Youth" fizzled, she became a successful stage actress who appeared on musicals like "Les Miserables", "Grease", and "Cabaret". She still releases good albums like "Think With Your Heart" & "MYOB" despite not being on a major label anymore. Though unfortunately, most people still think of her as the '80's pop princess.

Unlike current young pop acts like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and even Ashley Tisdale, she actually has talent and is more focused on her career as an actress & singer instead of getting attention for nothing. Not to mention that she still looks great without looking like a human Barbie doll like Pamela Anderson.
Debbie Gibson is one of the best & underrated pop singer/songwriters of the last 20 years.
by ElectricYouth October 14, 2006
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