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Deathwater began when the Mist from Stephan King’s story was herded to Texas and milked, producing normal-seeming vitamin water. But after three minutes on contact with air, it turns black. And all those medicinal properties? They go to Hell. It will kill you. But first, you throw up 600 pounds of bricks! Luckily, you don’t notice because you having a high big enough to fit two 747s, six eighteen wheelers, and an elephant. Then you die.
Besides the Mist, Deathwater comes in two other flavors: Chuck Norris Sweat and Chuck Norris Urine. Deathice is also in the works, which is described as being like ice-skating on sand paper.
“If you buy Deathwater, you won’t have to worry about the economy. ‘Cause you’ll be dead!”- Greenwood

“I welcome you!”- Satan

“I got Damascus Fever! Could Deathwater cure it?”- Last of a series of Deathwater references in trail logs along the Appalachian Trail approaching Damascus
by Gobba42 May 16, 2010
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