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A 'Deathtoken' is any of the creepy things that are left by mourners. These things are left on roadsides typically. You find Deathtokens in other places like Grace Land or The Neverland Ranch. For some reason people decorate places of death. These are not to be confused with Short term memorials or actual gravesites but rather these things grow into Deathtokens if left for a substantial amount of time in a place of passing. Creepiness and official level of Deathtoken are rated on of 1-10. 1 being more than a week and 10 being a year or more. Deathtokens can be balloons, teddy bears, framed pictures, toys,etc..
Bro, my aunt wants to go to Neverland Ranch and leave her white glove on the fence as a 'Deathtoken'.
by 976psycho January 30, 2011
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