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A very rare and dangerous gay sex position which has a series of steps needed to follow in order to perform it correctly. It involves Anti-gravitational sex like the fight scene in "Inception" Also you must rip a hole in the fabric of the space-time continuum, and penetrate it with the golden penis, the interdeminsional sperm will then travel through to the center of the universe and spawn the 3rd moon of jupiter, this is completed only after ou have disgraced 3 religions and traveled across the Baltic sea to get the hindu man that you need to tie up to fondle him. Warning, if aimed correctly the deathraven can destroy the Earth, and also reincarnation isn't guaranteed. This can only be done every 3000 years, the Mayans were the last to do it, legend has it, that the Egyptian pyramids wre actually markers to align the erection needed at stage 5 of the deathraven.
*news cast- "thousands died today due to the black hole which the deathraven opened.
by bored123guy February 18, 2011
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