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A punishment given to a man or woman after "operation" whom has commited a hanis crime and death is not thought of a worthy punishment. thus the penal sphynterotomy is given to them. In this punishment the offenders penis is removed by being forced to insert the penis into the fat woman's sphynter, the fat lady will then contract the sphynter and glutius maximus and some guy pushs her hard so that the penis is removed. Some think of this act as quit an erotic one, indeed painful though.
Defendant: I plead not guilty your honour.
Judge: well then, i here by sentance you to Death by penal sphyncterotomy!
*dum dum dum*
Jury #1:OMG!
Defendant: oh god please no, i can just picture the fat chick, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
by someweido April 19, 2009
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