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Death Spree
It's a word used mostly in games (or by people with multiple lives) and it's kind of the same as a killing spree, the only difference being that you don't actually kill anyone and you seem to die a lot many times in a row. It can also be used when you're loosing a lot of points in a game.
In Call of Duty 4:

"Our clan were in the lead in the beginning, unfortunately Steven went on a death spree and we lost by 150 points"

In Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis:

Person 1: Yes, I win again. Thank you Motion Plus!

Person 2: Speak for yourself, this motion plus of yours is sending me on a death spree.

In Ninja Gaiden games on hardest difficulty settings:

"I switched on the console, inserted the game, pressed the start button, and before I could say "Holy F*" I were caught in a death spree."
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend October 06, 2009
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