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A God among Gods.
Feared by many, respected by all.
Care is not in his/her dictionary.

An immortal being brought to this world 8 years before the beginning of humanity.

It is unknown whether or not this person is a man or a woman (we shall assume he is a man though for the sake of time), as his past isn't clear. What we do know is that he was a great, powerful, and influential God that led the Americans through every war except the Vietnam war where he fled to the mountains of California to retire in his summer home by the beach.

Today, he lives in a small home waiting for the day that the world needs him again. He is still the same powerful person he was before, and forever he shall be.
Death Soljah is God.
Death Soljah is Life.
Death Soljah is Win.
Death Soljah Forever.
Death Soljah forgives.
Death Soljah loves.
Death Soljah is me.
Death Soljah 4life<3
by Death Soljah November 24, 2007
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