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KFC double down sandwich. (aka the double death sandwich)

It consists of 2 fried chicken breasts (used instead of a traditional bun), 2 slices of bacon, and a slice of cheese with some kind of sauce.

You can't call it a heart attack on a bun because it doesn't even have a bun. You could probably only find it in america.
American fat fuck1:Hey phil, you down to eat a shitload of death sandwiches from kfc?
American fat fuck2:Hell yeah Randy, I'm not only down, I'm double down. and while we're there, we'll order some large sodas and see if they can fill the cups with gravy.
American fat fuck1:Oh shit, I forgot that we're too fat to even walk up to the drive thru window.
American fat fuck2:awwwww man, I only had 47 heart attacks this year.
American fat fuck1: We better smoke some crack to drop some weight so we can actually fit inside of kfc.
by A WHITE GUY July 13, 2014
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1.a sandwich that is so unhealthy that it could kill you in 20 minutes with only one bite.

2. when a person is being attacked by two people,most likely juggalos.
guy 1:man,i feel like shit.
guy 2:well,thats what happens when you combine 2 eggs with 1 pound of 3 different cheeses,bacon,and bread toasted in bacon grease.if it wernt for that cranberry juice,you'd be dead.
guy 1:yeah,youre probably right,but that was one delicious death sandwich

guy 1:hey bitch,fuck off.
guy dont want none of this death sandwich.
by xXbrOKenXx December 19, 2009
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