A death kit is an ensemble of tools/weapons used for (or put together in preparation of) a murder. It usually consists of duct tape/rope, knives, a gun, garbage bags etc...
In the case or real killers a death kit will consist more of:
A beautiful array of knives (scalpels, machetes, etc...),
Saran wrap and duct tape (like in the show Dexter),
Garbage Bags (for disposal of body),
Hacksaw (for dismembering the corpse),

Death kits can include any number of many kinds of tools, depending on the situation and what is needed for the murder.
J:Shit man, you've got a dope death kit
L: I know I just put it together yesterday
J: Should you really be showing this around man?
L: Nah, it's cool, this is a special occasion
J: What's the occ------
by ThePyroNympho January 22, 2011
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A kit to commit suicide by Dr. Philip Nitschke, a.k.a Dr. Death.
According to Dr. Death, an Australian who founded the organization Exit International, there is a potential problem for practitioners of suicide: they might not get an effective dose when they buy drugs to kill themselves. In a recent interview, Death manifested his hopes that his new kit will help people make “end-of-life choices,” without the anxiety naturally felt by those contemplating suicide.
X: "Scary stuff man!!! You know?... they sell a suicide kit invented by a guy known as Dr. Death."

Y:"C´mon man that has to be B.S".

X: "No man, no bull... this morning I talked on the phone with an ex-lover who lives in London, and she told me that she had Dr. Death´s Suicide Kit by her bed for year and a half, but her best friend asked for it and she gave him the kit."

Y: "And?"

X: "The poor bastard used the kit."

Y: "So... is he dead?"

X: "Yeah man, thanks to Death."
by rperazag June 17, 2010
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