1. A phrase commonly used in the beginning of a formal letter to adress a male recipient.

2. The debut 1995 album by Cat Power a.k.a. Chan Marshall

3. Euphemism that serves to imply that the person you're adressing outside of formal letter is either a mental case, alternatively gifted or just says improper things.
1. Dear sir Honorable Robert Gates,

Why does the Pentagon state that F-35 is a 5th generation fighter? I hereby solemnly inform you that it doesn't meet the vital criterias of supercruise flight and weapons delivery, thrust vectoring control, synthetic aperture radar as well as features agility and thrust of flatulenting expectant mother.

Sincerely yours, retired USAF Security Forces serviceman, Chuck Norris.

2. Man, back in 1995 the skies were bluer and the grass was greener but Cat Power since her Dear Sir release is still as catpowerful as she was back then. Although I haven't even heard any of her stuff.

- I wish I lived back in times of Harry Truman when USA were strong and wouldn't let pinkos and niggers talk, not just become presidents.
- Have you, dear sir, just used your mouthhole to produce a verbal message of approving McCarthy totalitarianism, social hysteria, racism, civilian inequality, nuclear destruction of non-combatants, illegal experimentation on foreign citizens (Guatemala syphilis experiment) in a country which was created by freemasonic Founding Fathers to anchor the ideals of freedom, equality and justice? Way to go, butt-for-brains.
by Hersir February 14, 2012
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very formal way to say hi when you write a cover letter applying for a job
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an art director/designer and I am creative in all the areas of web, logo and mobile design and I am contacting you about a Freelance Designer job that is available.
by trofimar November 14, 2013
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